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924) Jamie Curry 
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Florida does not have expanded newborn screening, & at 2 days old, I could not get Emily to eat. I kept calling her pediatrician, & they kept telling me that she was jsut a sleepy baby & to keep trying things to get her to wake up. I could not succeed at waking her had been 12 hours since Emily had anything to eat. I then could not wake her up at all. I called the dr. & told them I was bringing her in right then. When we got to thier office, her tempurature was 89.0 degrees. She was dying. We immediately had an ambulance take us to the nearby childrens hospital. We didn't know for 2 & 1/2 weeks if she was going to live or die. By the 3rd week, the doctors told us that she did have a chance of living, but they were still uncertain of what happened to her that made the levels in her body be so off. They saved her life. We brought her home after the 4th week, not knowing what was wrong with her, & being completely paranoid about the whole situation. 2 weeks later, The Genetics professor at The University of Florida called me and said he would like to send Emily's dna off for testing of this disorder called MCAD. I said ok of course. It came back positive. I almost lost my little girl. When we arrived to the hospital, she was in a coma. They saved her.I thank God every day that I have Emily & I pray every day that we can treat this deficiency and let her live a long, happy life.
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