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910) Mimi Garza 
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Our story is Very similar to Alexis..Isaac had gastroenteritis and we called an ambulance because he was lifeless and shaking. That was last Saturday..we spent 7 days in the hospital and a diagnosis of MCADD was confirmed 2 days ago. My son is 17 months old and has another unrelated genetic condition called Russell Silver Syndrome it is a form of dwarfisim that requires a high calorie/high fat diet because he is below 3% on the growth charts. We are going to a metabolic specialist on Tuesday to learn about MCADD. We were very lucky that Isaac doesn't have any damage (MRI came back normal). I am also 27 weeks pregnant and they will do the extended newborn screen since my baby girl is at risk. Thank you so much for your site..I have read the stories and it has helped me.
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