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645) Kelsey R. 
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Wednesday, June 1, 2005 08:27 AM Host: Write a comment

hey alexis,
we were at the state meet is st. louis, mo and that's when i heard the news. one gymnast had won first place all-around and her coach, christy, was crying. blaire, the first place winner, thought they were tears of joy. then she found out that they were tears of sadness.
one day my coach pulled me out of practice for a minute. she asked me if i had. i told her i did and we both started crying. she told me i could sit out or go home for the rest of practice. i didn't want to go home, so i stayed there and watched. alexis was in my pre-team class. i felt like i was so heartbroken. that was one of my saddest days of my life.
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