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I am so sorry for the loss of your daughter. I can't even imagine your pain. Reading this site makes me so grateful for my own life. I was diagnosed with reye syndrome at five. My mother tried to wake me the morning after I had suffered from a stomach flu. I was unresponsive. By the time they got me to a hospital I was in a coma. Luckily after a few different attempts to heal me they stumbled upon the right combination and I awoke. My head hurt terribly from swelling but I recovered. However, at that time there wasn't any other test done. I spent thirty years getting sick and being in and out of hospitals. I was constantly tested for diabetes. Now that my seizures have returned a doctor has suggested I be tested for MCAD. I am anixous . I have a seven year old daughter that three times I have almost lost due to unknown illness. All came after vomitting. She will soon be tested as well. Thank you for making us all aware!
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