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539) Robert Jones 
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Thursday, March 31, 2005 12:17 PM Host: Write a comment

Thank-you for having the courage to establish this web-site. We almost lost our youngest son to MCADD, if we had, I am not sure if I would have been able to have the strength to do what you have done for others.
Garrick was diagnosed with MCADD four months after we almost lost him after a hernia operation. He was two years old and was a health baby. The doctors were baffled at what happened to him the morning after the surgery. Seizures and a coma. Fortunately the pediatrician on call gave him d-50 through his I.V. The lab never sent notice up that his glucose was 17........17.
Once he stablized on D-10 IV therapy, he was transfered to another hospital that allowed his blood sugar to crash again to ensure they had proper blood test! We almost lost him again because the blood sugar crashed much faster than they planned.
Four months later we received a briefing from a genetics specialist of MCADD. I almost hit the floor when I learned that 86% of kids diagnosed with this disorder is during an autopsy!
Garrick is now 11 years old and living a very normal life. He has no lasting problems from his blood sugar crashing.
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