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39) Pamela & Monte Montez 
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I am sure if everyone who saw your love offering in the form of education regarding MCAD, had known Alexis, their understanding, grief and sorrow would be even more heart wrenching. I promise you kids that I will pass this information to every single person by computer and make copies to mail to those who don't have Internet access. I will definitely have my daughter Allison have her sons checked.
I am so proud of both of you kids. I know that you are both Christians and that God and His angels have kept you in their protection. Without God, I don't know how you could have managed to keep going those first few months. We where so worried about you. Your outer strength amazed us. Again, we knew it was God who was holding you up.
I promised both you and Jason that I would pray for you everyday. I have kept that promise. You know that people from all over the country still pray for you and your families. I love all three of you and you know you can always come to us for anything.
Pam & Monte
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