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38) Pamela & Monte Montez 
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Continued from earlier message..

Alexis was so smart and always polite. That was a reflection on how she was being raised by you and Jason. Her award winning smile and cute sense of humor will always live in my heart and memories. I remember so vividly how proud she was when Mikenna was born. She said she was so happy to be a "big sister." As she had gotten off of the bus one day, I asked what her baby sister's middle name was, she said she could not remember. Alexis said she would go ask Mommy. Not two minutes had passed and she was knocking on the door with the answer, Nicole, just like her middle name. She was beaming with pride. I asked how she could sleep at night with that big smile on her face. She was not sure how to answer my question until she figured out it was from the pride her baby sister had brought into her life. Such sweet and innocent memories, I will always cherish each one.
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