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297) michelle walker 
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Tuesday, January 25, 2005 02:52 AM Host: Write a comment

After reading the story of Alexis, it has inspired me to share a few of my own experiences. My little baby boy Dylan was born last august 2004, a healthy, beautiful human being. 2 weeks later we settled at home, and were offered a blood sample test for Dylan which would detect any of 5 conditions, Mcadd was one of those conditions, the symptoms of Mcadd looked horrifying, but the midwife assured us that it would be highly unlikley, approx 1 in every 10 to 20,000 births.
When we found out that Dylan had Mcadd the doctors couldnt believe it, he is the first baby in yorkshire to be diagnosed at birth. The national health service have only tested for Mcadd in the Uk since march 2004 and are only doing so in half the country as a trial. I truly believe that by knowing that my baby son had mcadd from this age has saved his life. when we know about mcadd it can be managed so successfully, we fed Dylan every 3 hours from birth to avoid long periods of fasting and now have an emergency plan in place if he dous become quite ill or doesnt take his milk. He doesnt require any medication , he just needs to eat. If we can help people understand Mcadd and continue to test babies at birth for the condition then we will help save the lives of our children . x
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