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249) Tracy Richardson 
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Wednesday, December 1, 2004 05:43 AM IP: Write a comment

I am extremely saddened to hear of your loss of your beautiful daughter, Alexis. Almost 2 weeks ago now my daughter came down with a bout of gastro and refused to eat anything. As she was still vomiting 24 hours later I took her to the hospital where they couldn't find anything wrong with her and sent us both home. The next morning I went into to find her breathing but completely unresponsive. I again took her to the hospital where she was immediately tested for several possible causes but none were found. Later that day we were flown to Perth, Western Australia and taken to Princess Margaret Hospital for Children where more tests were run and she was eventually diagnosed as an MCADD sufferer. She was extremely lucky as they noticed in Albany that her blood suger levels were dangerously low and so she was given glucose to try and get her levels back up. After 40 hours in a coma she woke up and has as far as we can see returned to her normal self. I thank my lucky stars every day that we were given the chance to have her return to us and that we will see her grow to become a beautiful person.
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