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2456) Jilese Simpson 
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My Name Is Jilese Simpson in 19 years old and my son (Conan) was diagnosed with MCADD a week after he was born he is 3 months old now.Its taken a huge strain on my life.The doctors did not even know what it was and had to look on the internet.after they found out they came to my house announcing what he had and told me he could die and that upset me.and as a mother none of us what to be told that our child could die.I see a specialist in Wellington every 6 months and another specialist every 3 months for diet plans, and another specialist to followup every month.i still dont get the full understandment of the condition but im sure i will one day.we were recently in hospital 2 weeks ago with food poisoning and my partner was sick then conan got it then i got it and we had to rush Conan to the hospital where we spent 5 days in isolation because food poisoning is contagious.they did regular blood sugar level tests and everything just came right back up so they had to give him the bottle afer evry breast feed and some glucose oraly to keep his sugar level so glad he came right.i was worried the whole time we were in hospital.its a hard thing to have for your cild so i know where you are all coming from to those of you who have MCADD or have children with MCADD.
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