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Annabelle is now 17 months old and was diagnosed with MCADD at 2 weeks old. First 6 months were hard (feeds every 3hrs) and we had a few trips to hospital but just during her first year when she occasionaly wouldn't eat or was sick. Touch wood the last 6mths have been great and if she doesn't eat much we give her a bottle in the night with some Polycal. She's just had Chicken Pox and although she didn't eat much we just gave crispy snacks, raisins and little tastes along with regular Polycal.
She has a big sister (3yrs) who doens't have MCADD and the 2 are inseparable.
We're now trying for Baby #3 and know that she too may get MCADD but that's not stopping us (and why should it)
God bless you all and for those just finding out their children have this - don't panic or read too many horror stories on the Internet because it just makes you cry or feel terrible. Focus on the great times you'll have and by knowing the protocol to follow when your child is sick you can avoid tragedy. Available on email if you need someone to talk more - Steve (father of Annabelle who has MCADD)
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