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2385) kathryn riddell 
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HI my son Jae was born on 15th august 2008 he was diagnosed with mcadd at 5 days old through the screening program which was only started on the 1st august 2008 in our area my 4 year old was then tested but does not have mcadd. Jae is now 3 months old an has been hospitalized twice his first admission was at 6 weeks cos he had a cold an wouldnt feed, he was given a feeding tube an came home 5 days later. his second admission was yesterday he slept 8 hours for the first time an I woke up to find him having a seizure he had extremley low sugars the hospital acted quickly an he came home tha same day. Im so grateful he was tested an I pray he stays well in the future we now have a baby monitor with feeding alarms to prevent this reoccuring.this site has been such a help to me these tests saved his life. god bless you all feel free to get in touch luv kat
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