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I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I also found out my son had MCAD in an awful way, however, I think luck and time and fantastic paramedics were on our side. After trying to wake my son at 7am a little earlier than normal, I found I could not wake him. He had suffered a sickness bug the previous day, I even took him to see a docter who advised me to just keep giving him water! On that morning, I even drove my son to his grandmas in the morning thinking he was sleeping from yesterdays illness. By the time I arrived I could barely get him to open his eyes. We called an ambulance who discovered quickly he had 0 blood sugar reading. The nurse made the right decision to put a large needle into his knee to get glucose into his body fast. The nurse saved my sons life and i will always be so grateful. A week later we found out our son had MCAD. We now know how to manage it and he has had one sickness bug since and been back to hospital to be put onto a glucose drip. There should be more awareness of MCAD. Most docters have never heard of the condition and i have to always hand them a note from our consultant telling them what they need to do. I have been told in October all babies will be screened in the UK for MCAD as routine. We need to get more people aware of the condition to prevent any more deaths occurring. My thought are with you.
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