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2340) Jennifer C 
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Friday, December 28, 2007 05:05 AM Host: Write a comment

I have the privilege to know this family personally and let me tell you that Angel is an understatement for Joey. He is a living miracle nothing short of spunky and energetic...full of life.

I cannot stress enough the importance of supporting a family who has a child with MCADD. Ways you can support: Prayer, visiting the family in the hospital, helping with siblings, offering to clean their house or watch children at home, bringing meals to the family or simply calling "Mom" to calm her fears while waiting for a bed in the hospital.

Being a Mom myself, I can only imagine how one must feel when you must fight the hospital system and medical staff to convince them that this is a very real disease and to take one's child immediately upon entering the emergency room. You are your child advocate and accepting nothing less if you don't receive the care expected for a child with MCADD. His/Her life depends on it!
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