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229) Mrs Jill Bethwaite 
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Wednesday, November 3, 2004 01:37 PM Host: Write a comment

I would like to send my regrate for the loss of your beautiful daughter. my daughter is 9yrs old and was diagnosed with MCADD at 8mths, after falling ill with Gastro enteritas. It took 3 days till we new what was wrong, 3 days living in limbo! Shannon my daughter was nearly sent away from the hospital when we took her to primary care. I was classed as a over protected mother, but you know when their is something wrong with your children. I insisted for a second doctor to look at her. luckly we were sent to the childrens ward, BM tests were not carried out on Shannon so she went hypo within an hour, her blood sugars droped to 0. Luckly we were in the right place. Im sure your daughter will live on for ever with all your memories of her, and within everbody who reads about her. all my love to your family and your lovely daughter. God bless.
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