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Tuesday, November 21, 2006 09:37 PM Host: Write a comment

You web site is wonderful. The poems are incredible, and i think it's wonderful that you give info on mcad and how and where to get tested. You are not doing it for your granddaughter's memory, but also so save other people from this. It is a wonderful site. My mother just passed away a few months ago and it pains me still everyday. I cry every day several times. It hurts soo bad, i've changed and i was just searching around for poems (i've always loved poems and writing them) I came about your site.
It captured me right away!! the designs the style. -beautiful
also i have a daughter - only 19 months old and all i thought is i want to grab her and run her to the dr's to get tested. especially b/c she's had flu like symptoms. (it's the season) but now i am worried. I will get her tested though asap.
Thank you for your site. It's a support to others and also informational.
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