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2171) Nick and Fallon Muir 
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Thursday, October 5, 2006 09:57 AM Host: Write a comment

We never knew what MCAD was until just a few weeks ago. It was the answer to alot of things for us, and an opportunity for a new beginning.

Our son Connor was born 12-22-03. He was perfectly healthy and happy. Sadly, he passed away in his sleep on 12-06-04, just 2 weeks before his first birthday. Autopsy reports concluded that it was SIDS.

We now have another beautiful healthy boy named Riley, who was born 10-11-05. Just as few weeks ago, he was diagnosed with MCAD. Since our first son Connor, was born in a different state, they didnt test him for MCAD. Riley wasnt tested until a few weeks ago, and it came back positive.

Our doctors went over the autopsy reports from our first son Connor. They realized that it wasnt SIDS that caused his death, but MCAD. It took almost 2 years to learn the truth. It took loosing a child, to save a child. Not only do we know what happened to Connor now, but we know what to look out for in Riley.
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