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192) Darci Allee 
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Monday, September 6, 2004 08:39 AM Host: Write a comment

Joseph Louis Allee (JOEY) was born May 20, 2004. About 36 hours after birth he had several seizures and was rushed to CHOC NICU. He remained there for one week and no answers were discovered. We were assigned to a neurologist and began seeing him monthly. At his August check, Dr. Phillips just happened to be looking through his chart and discovered some elevated blood levels. We were immediately sent to a metablolic specialist who just happened to be available that day, that hour. He saw us and explained MCADD to us. Joey had his blood drawn and so did my daughter, Lucy Anne age 2 1/2. We received the call the next day confirming Joey's MCADD and the good news that LUCY was MCADD free!!! We are still in a whirlwind of emotions and doctor's appointments and today we face Joey's first cold. It is a miracle that we even discovered Joey's MCADD, because you see one week before this Joey was sleeping through the night (10-12 hours). God was watching over Joey. We now pray daily for Joey and other children who have been diagnosed or undiagnosed with MCADD.
Sincerely full of hope,
Darci Allee
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