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1451) teresa sparks 
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Wednesday, November 16, 2005 06:14 AM Host: Write a comment

it's lovely to see such lovely messages each time i view the site. I wanted to say that even though Sophie has now reached 4 months her MCAD is a pain the bum! She's had 2 visits to hospital, and a week long check at the DR's, every other week she's picking some illness, and not wanting to feed, then we have to give her Maxijul solution, she hats the taste but at least it helps her to get better. She's just been for her check up at Great Ormond Street Hosiptal and thankfully everything seems fine, although they have run a few more tests, just to make sure nothing else is wrong. She's now starting to be weaned onto solids, and I discovered that coconut is a no no, all the better for me, i get the cocunut chock bars for myself!!!
Have a very Happy Chrsitmas and New Year to all
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