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1123) Brandy Gammons 
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Saturday, September 17, 2005 10:57 PM Host: Write a comment

Hi. I don't have any children of my own as of yet. But, my best friend has 2 children, who I am very close to, who both have mcadd. I have been involved in both of these children's lives since they where born and have seen first hand the hardships of children with mcadd and the importance of early detiction. Her children are now 5 and 2. Luckily, her children where diagnoised early and my heart goes out to all the families who have had to lose children to mcadd. I myself had never heard of it until Dylan was born. Many people who I talk to about it have not heard of it either. I think the website is great and hopefully will help others out in the future. I know I don't have children, but, as I said above, I am very close to the children and I know how hard it has been. I just wanted to send my best wishes to everyone out there and hope more early detection can be found. And my best wishes!
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