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1068) Teresa Sparks 
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Friday, August 26, 2005 04:46 AM Host: Write a comment

My 3rd child and my partners 1st child is just 6 weeks old. She has been diagnosed with MCAD. She was detected through newborn screening. In the UK this screening is only on a trial basis in some areas, so we are lucky. My Dr and Health visitor knew nothing, the midwives new about the screening, but no child had a positive result. Only Great Ormond Street Hospital metabolic team knew anything. Knowing what I do now, I feel for all those families who have lost a loved one, all due to a simple test not being carried out. My daughter has been in hospital once already, I had to tell the Dr's what to do! Awareness in every country around the world is a must to save any more families heartache for losing a loved one, and I thank everyone who has posted messages, sad or happy I'm glad i'm not alone. love and wishes to all.
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